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Buy best range of Wireless Headphone in Pakistan at best prices from Home Point. We sell Wireless Headphones from top brands like Sony, Bose, JBL, Apple Samsung, JVC and more. Wireless headphones have become more of a necessity than merely a convenience. Wireless headphones for TV can allow you to watch late-night TV without disturbing others sleep. Wireless noise-canceling headphones can make traveling on subways, buses and airplanes more productive, even if you’re primarily using them to drown out noisy fellow travelers. Most wireless headphones use Bluetooth technology to digitally encode audio and wirelessly transmit the sound over short distances, usually up to 33 feet.

Wireless over-the-ear headphones with earcups that enclose your ears are known for sound quality, passive noise reduction, acoustic isolation and maximum bass level.They are good for home and office use but bit bulky for travel, walking and jogging.

On-ear wireless headphones are similar to over-ear except their cushions sit on the outer ear. On-ear headphones usually provide excellent sound quality and are lighter so more comfortable during long listening sessions. Also allow some ambient sounds to flow through.

Wireless in-ear headphones, also called wireless earphones, fit inside each ear canal, keeping out extraneous noise. Ultra compact and lightweight, they transport easily and are generally among the most affordable wireless headphones, though they usually supply less bass response than other styles.

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