Orvibo wifi smart digital door lock

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Orvibo wifi smart digital door lock
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Delivery Time 2 - 4 days
  • Compatible with Google home and Alexa
  • Simple, stylish, multi-color, high adaptability
  • Support five ways to unlock: fingerprint, password, card, remote authorization and key Encrypted
  • Wi-Fi networking, convenient and security
  • Anti-cat eye structure design
  • Class C lock body and lock cylinder
  • Support normal card and encryption card, Huawei AI pass
  • Ultra-low power consumption, four AA battery life of more than 400 days.
  • 6068 standard lock body design, adapt to more than 90% of the door lock.

Orvibo wifi smart digital Door lock Technical Specification

Low voltage alarm voltage 2.35V
Emergency Power Supply Type C USB 5V
Antistatic Contact discharge 8KV
Air discharge 15KV
Static power consumption
(WIFI module)
≤70 mA
Dynamic power
consumption (WIFI module)
≤150 mA (average)
Password capacity
25 users, 5 temporary authorized users, each user can be set
Fingerprint: 3 ordinary, 1 emergency
Password: 1 normal, 1 emergency
Card: 1 normal, 1 emergency
RF card capacity
50 (based on 25 user settings)
Fingerprint capacity
Card reading distance ≤10mm
Password length 6 to 32 bits
● unlock password 6 bits;
Support 32-bit virtual password
Fingerprint collection
Semiconductor fingerprint
Sensor resolution 508 dpi
False rate <0.0001%
Networking method Wi-Fi
Wireless standard IEEE 802.15.4
Life time More than 400 days (10 times per day on average)
Unlock record APP
Operating temperature -20℃ ~ 60℃
Working humidity 10% ~ 90%
Storage temperature -30℃ ~ 70℃

Wi-Fi networking Connect to the Wi-Fi to achieve networking.
Unlocking method fingerprint

Normal and emergency fingerprint unlocking (emergency fingerprint
unlocking push alarm information)
password Normal and emergency password unlocking (emergency password unlocking
push alarm information)
card Support for normal NFC cards and encrypted NFC cards
Support 5 temporary authorized users
Mechanical key C-class lock cylinder, support key unlock
State detection Networking
APP display status: Online / Offline
Battery detection
Alarm Low voltage
Low battery lock local alarm reminder + APP message reminder
Beaked alarm Beak alarm reminder (alarm information reminder)
unlocking alarm
Use emergency verification mode to open the door alarm reminder (alarm
information reminder)
verification failure
10 consecutive verification failure alarm reminders
Others Anti-cat eye
Support anti-cat eye function on/off
Automation Can be linked with the smart home system
Unlock informations record to the APP (can be set real-time / regular, regular
reporting can reduce power consumption)
Factory reset Press the reset hole on the door lock for four times and long press it at the
fifth time for five seconds to reset the door lock.


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